the practitioner

nonie valentine, Ed.M., L.M.H.C., Harvard University, is a licensed psychotherapist with a long-standing inclination for intuitive methods, practicing therapy since 1983 in the U.S. and then in Prague, Czech Republic with her partner, jan jílek. For decades she used astrology and tarot as adjuncts to client work where fitting, and now offers them on their own, backed by cumulative psychological insight and spiritual sensitivity.

In practice this means the cards/chart are a kind of template for constellating an intuitive process, informed by the years of therapeutic work - namely a sound grasp of psychological dynamics, occasional x-ray vision into the psyche's connections, and familiarity with underlying metaphysical principles. She brings empathy to the consulting process and pleasure in the shared work of uncovering clients' creative power to carve out lives that are meaningful and true to them.