astrology & tarot

astrology & tarot are often known in caricature - associated with charlatans and reduced to prediction or esoteric amusement. But in fact both can be potent guides to understanding what is at work in your dilemmas, longings, and in your life, whether there are mundane matters at stake, or the big questions. Both serve to illumine your particular gifts and how you can live them fully.

A psycho/spiritual approach to astrology and tarot regards their messages not as fate but as a reflection of dynamics in your own psyche which can powerfully and subtly affect your approach to the world. There is a predictive aspect to the work, but more importantly, discovering these dynamics opens the way to respond most creatively to the issue at hand.

The exchange between us, client and practitioner, about the material is a crucial part of the process and helps to clarify, affirm what you sense, and sometimes surprise you. What emerges this way can also heal and inspire.

astrological consultation is especially valuable for:

tarot consultation is especially valuable for:

Where is this business heading?
How should I deal with my daughter's changes?
How will it go with these particular investors?
What's really going on between the two of us?
How is the timing for trying for a baby?
What's his next step for the project?
What is my task for the coming year?

The crux of this kind of guidance is that it brings to bear information you may not have considered before and helps you to orient more inventively to your circumstances than you have imagined. It hints at where your viewpoint may be constrained and opens up possibilities that can later turn up as coincidence. Humor is one of the favored approaches of the tarot.

Consultations can be in-person (which is recommended initially) or by phone. Readings can also be sent by post on cassette, with follow-up, if needed, in person or by phone. Our meetings can be recorded on cassette too to help you remember and integrate the material more easily. Please be sure to read the cancellation/rescheduling policy under fees.